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14-03-08, 15:17   #1
Εγγραφή: 04-05-2006
Περιοχή: N. Ionia Attica Greece :R1200 GS
Ηλικία: 45
Μηνύματα: 2.727

Drives: GS 1200

Τον Andy Ibbot μάλλον τον γνωρίζετε οι περισσότεροι...Κάπου κάπως κάποτε θα διαβάσατε κάποιο άρθρο του.
Παρακάτω μερικά μυστικά της οδήγησης από αυτόν

Body Position

By Andy Ibbot

The knee should be locked
into the tank's cut out.
I have noticed looking through the BikeNet forums of late that there are a lot of riders out there who seem to be within inches of getting their knee sliders down, but not quiet getting there. It all comes down to one very simple, but important fact - your body position is wrong. Getting your knee on the deck has more to do with how you hang off than it does with lean angle. Ok, so you will never achieve plastic sliding heaven with your bike totally upright, but I have lost count of the amount of times I have heard "I can get my pegs, toes and even exhaust can on the floor, but I never touch my knee down."

The knee is out and
the body relaxed.
If this is you then let me clear one thing up. YOU HAVE ENOUGH LEAN. Grinding anything else in to the Tarmac will just result in a crash. The biggest problem most riders face is when they try and 'push' their knee towards the ground. They normally end up rotating around the back of the fuel tank and push their leg up along the fairing. It's a style you will see Mick Doohan using, but he has slicks and a 500GP bike. If you try it you will be in hospital. Your leg should be relaxed so that it drops to the floor. To achieve this you need to have a good anchor position on the outside of the bike with your other leg. A good anchor has other benefits. You can reduce the input to the handlebars, which makes your upper body relaxed too. This helps the bike to handle better. In fact, unless you can let go of the handlebars but still remain on the bike, then you don't have a good anchor. Try this….

See how trying to
force your knee down
twists the body.
Put your bike on its paddock or centre stand. You can use the side stand but get someone to hold the bike for you. Certain Italian motorcycles struggle to hold the weight of the bike, let alone the rider too. Now hang off in your normal style. Got there? Good. Now let go of the handlebars. If you come crashing to the garage floor in an undignified heap then you didn't have a good anchor point with your outside leg. You should use those indents in the fuel tank to hold on with - that's what they are there for! A note here for 916 owners. That lovely tank is hard to lock into. If you find that your outside leg is pointed towards the sky, then that's normal! If you can't lock into the tank try shifting your heel up to force your thigh into that gap.

Make sure that you don't slide your wedding tackle around the back of the fuel tank. It might feel nice but it twists your body and forces your inside leg into the fairing. Always aim for a gap between the tank and tackle. Something like two inches should be all that you need. Practise this movement until it feels comfortable and then go out and try it. You might feel a lot of tension in the outside leg - that's ok, it shows that you are using the right muscles to hang on with so you can hang off! Now all you have to do is add lean, the rest will follow naturally.
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