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1973 BMW 3.0CS Sunroof Coupe Sold On 11/10/17 For $70,000

1973 BMW 3.0CS Sunroof Coupe Sold On 11/10/17 For $70,000

This 1973 BMW 3.0CS is a 4-speed manual example being offered by the third owner, who has had the car for 22 years. He says that during his ownership the car has “always been garaged, driven sparingly, and treated with the respect and adoration it deserves.” Bought from the second owner, who had the car from 1978-1995, the car rides on factory alloy wheels and features a sunroof and factory A/C (now removed). It is offered with a clean California title in the seller’s name.

The interior features a Nardi wood steering wheel with a BMW horn button. Seat upholstery is tan leather, and dash and door wood trim are in good condition. One small crack is noted in the driver’s side of the dash, which is difficult to notice according to the seller. All modifications are said to be upgraded based on need, such as shocks and tires. The original radio works, as does the clock. The air conditioner and smog equipment have both been removed.

Records show that most work has been performed by Bullet Performance in Costa Mesa, California. The headliner was installed by Jeff Tighe, who started his own shop after working for many years at Bullet.

This BMW was featured on the cover of Road & Track in October 1984, when the magazine did an article on the best used cars available. The car has since been repainted, and the US DOT front side markers were deleted. The car is currently dark blue, while the original color was Baikal Blue as evidenced by the under-hood decal.

The sunroof motors were replaced and a new headliner has been installed. Additionally, all seat leather was replaced in a “honey color that closely matched the original,” the owner said, and also added NOS flooring/carpeting, and recently refurbished the interior wood. He also notes, “She is ready to be driven and starts up instantly after sitting for several months in the garage.”

The seller notes that there is some slight rubbing on the right front tire. Some rust is present in the spare tire well and four perforations are present under the muffler near the transmission housing that may require a shield guard.

A little bubbling is also present in one location near sunroof and by the passenger door. Pictures are included in the gallery.

This BMW will be available for viewing in the Bring a Trailer tent at the SoCal Vintage BMW Meet, which is being held at Woodley Park in Van Nuys, California on Saturday November 4, 2017.

source and more photos: bringatrailer.com
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