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340i / 440i (B58) BMW M Performance Power and Sound Kit

340i / 440i (B58) BMW M Performance Power and Sound Kit (MPPSK) Official Release

The BMW M Performance Power and Sound Kit has officially been launched is now available for the 340i and 440i powered by the B58 engine. The final output numbers are 355hp (+35hp over stock) and 369 lb-ft for auto (+39 lb-ft over stock) / 355 lb-ft for manual (+25 lb-ft over stock). This results in a 0.2 second 0-60 mph improvement over stock acceleration figures.

MSRP on the MPPSK is $2820, with the stainless steel tips priced $128/ea and carbon fiber tips at $254/ea.

The kit is available for port install on new vehicles, and comes with a 4 yr / 50k mile warranty when purchased with new vehicle. If purchased after delivery, the warranty is 2 years / unlimited miles or the balance of the new vehicle warranty, whichever is greater.

Announcement bulletin:

Real life look at the M Performance Power and Sound Kit:

While at SEMA 2015, we managed to get some details on the 340i / 440i M Performance Power and Sound Kit (MPPSK)

Q: What are the details on the 340i M Performance Power Kit (MPPK)?

A: The power kit now only comes bundled with the M Performance Exhaust since they work in tandem. The stock exhaust has too much back pressure to work with the higher flow of the new power kit, so the 340i M Performance Exhaust has reduced back pressure to work with the remapped ECU of the power kit.

There's two ways to increase power - intake more air, or reduce back pressure allowing for faster air exit. With the previous MPPK (for the N55 engine) we went the route of more air intake, but for the 340i (B58 engine) we modified the the exhaust system to reduce back pressure and allow the air to exit the car faster, which together with the modified ECU, results in more power.

Q: Details on the 340i M Performance Exhaust?
A: It's the new generation flap exhaust. Valves open/close depending on which driving mode the car is in. [See our video below from SEMA showing the difference between the factory exhaust sound and the MPPK (DME + M Performance Exhaust) sound.]

Real world sample:

πηγή: f30.bimmerpost.com
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