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angelm3 07-02-18 09:54

G29 Z4 Roadster Prototype
First G29 Z4 Roadster Prototype Spotted, Returns to Soft-Top!

• Three engines (EU-only 195hp 20i, 255hp 30i, and 335hp 40i - and this means the 380hp Z4 M40i will be offered only by BMW and only in North America and a few other non-EU markets).
• Intro later this year, common sense suggests it will be simultaneous with Z4.
• It will be Toyota in name and body design only - everything inside the car is the same familiar BMW stuff: same options, same colors, same interior materials.
• Speaking of colors, it feels almost like a throwback to the 00s: Glacier Silver, Atacama Yellow, and Crimson Red are coming back, though there'll also be a new matte gray.
• For the interior, you'll be able to choose between fabric, alcantara, and leather, and (the gods have heard us!) all of these choices will be available in the U.S.
• Wheels: 17" standard with 18" and 19" optional on 20i and 30i, 18" standard and 19" optional on 40i.
• 40i gets standard M sport diff, while on 30i it will be optional in something that BMW would call "ZMP".
• Market positioning for the car seems to be distinctly lower than BMW, for example, the barebones 30i will have manual seat adjustments and no nav system.
• And, finally (que the sad trombone): all models are automatic only.

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