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This Photography Student Told The History Of BMW Design

This Photography Student Told The History Of BMW Design In A Single Thesis

Photography by Oliver Sold

Mercifully, when you’re older, school projects tend to have more meaning beyond popsicle sticks and glue. That’s certainly the case for Oliver Sold, a German photography student who decided to combine his passion for BMW design with his bachelor’s thesis. Called “The Fascination of Car Design—BMW Design in Detail,” the result is a clear progression from old to new—can you name all of the cars here?

To start, it’s interesting to see key BMW design elements morphing as they age, from the Hofmeister kink to the double kidney grille. But it’s also a study into both light and dark, with Sold highlighting certain details in order to create the best compositions possible.

“In my photographic work I’ve tried to extract these details, taking them out of their context, and creating a space for their own perfect shape,” he says. “By employing reduced (and at the same time) distinctive light highlights, often combined with unfamiliar perspectives, I’d like to share my fascination with car design.”

Here’s his thesis, from old to new—try to not look at the caption before guessing which BMW it is.

1929–1941: 3/15 ‘Dixi’ and DA-3 Wartburg; 303; 327; 328

1952–1959: 501; 507; Isetta; 600; 700

1962–1977: 2800; 3.0 Csi; 2002

1972–1981: Turbo Concept Car; 5-Series (E12); 3-Series (E21); 6-Series (E24); M1

1982–1999: 3-Series (E30); 8-Series; 7-Series (E32); Z1

1998–2001: Z3 Coupe; M3 CSL; Z8; X Coupe Concept Car

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