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08-04-19, 08:32   #1
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Εγγραφή: 08-06-2011
Ηλικία: 47
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Drives: E92 M3
G20 3-Series: What I've learned since taking delivery

My initial impression on G20 since taking the delivery is positive. As the owner of several 3er generations (M and non-M) since E46 era, G20 did not take long to warm up, it's an instant charm upon seeing it both in exterior and interior. The design language and styling made it stand out in all exterior colors.

Model: 330i US Specs
Production Build: Feb 2019, Munich Assembly Plant
Color: B39 - Mineral Grey
Upholstery: MAH7 - Black Vernasca Leather w/contrast stitch/piping, (silver-grey stitch color)
Trim: 4KL - Interior trim finishers Aluminium Mesh
Wheels: 1PN - 791M 19" Jet Black, Non RFT, Front: 19x8.0, 225/40 R19 Rear: 19x8.5, 255/35 R19 (Michelin Pilot Sport 4S)
ZMP - M Sport Package (2VF - M Adaptive Suspension)
ZPP - Premium Package
ZPX - Executive Package
ZTR - Track Handling Package (2NH - M Sport Brakes, 2T4 - M Sport Differential)
688 - HK Surround Sound System

Driving Dynamics:
G20 steering is intuitive and predictable, suspension is firm without roughness, throttle response is rewarding with acceleration. It's surprising how TU B46 4-cylinder engine performed like 6-cylinder with amount of horse power and torque. The acceleration definitely felt faster than BMW's claim. The cabin noise level is vastly improved and overall interior design is harmonic to the eyes. The stiffer chassis and improved torsional rigidity enabled it to accelerate through sharp turns with confidence.

Driving Dynamics Configuration:
- Damping (Sport / Comfort)
- Steering (Sport / Comfort)
- Engine (Sport / Comfort)
- Transmission (Sport / Comfort)
- Balanced setting
Eco Pro:
- Damping (Sport / Comfort)
- Steering (Sport / Comfort)
- Predictive adjustment of vehicle setting for driving situation

Tires to Fender Gaps: (approximate on level ground)
36mm (driver side - front)
34mm (driver side - rear)
36mm (passenger side - front)
34mm (passenger side - rear)

The fender gap readings are based on M Adaptive Suspension (2VF). Driver and passengers felt sitting slightly lower in the car due to taller door panels to window glass ratio on peripheral vision while cruising on the road.

High Performance Non RFT with Space-Saver Spare Option:
840 - Increased top speed limiter to 155 mph
Spare Tire Spec: Continental 135/80 17R

Spacing-saver spare enclosure raised 4.5" above trunk floor. There is 14.5" in height from space-saver spare liner to the ceiling of the trunk. If trunk space is an absolute requirement, remove the space-saver spare enclosure entirely, and place the OEM trunk liner (Part Number: 51477438290) on trunk floor to restore trunk space. The original space-saver spare liner won't sit flush on trunk floor after removing the tire enclosure. For day-to-day use, the trunk space is plenty even with space-saver spare enclosure in place. One possible future update could be flat tire gel pack similar to M model.

Body Panels Gaps Analysis:
3.5mm (driver side - kidney grill to shut line)
3.0mm (driver side - between front fender panel and hood)
3.0mm (driver side - between front fender panel and A-pillar)
3.2mm (driver side - between front fender panel and front door)
3.2mm (driver side - between front and rear doors)
3.2mm (driver side - between rear door and rear quarter panel)
3.2mm (driver side - between rear quarter panel and trunk lid)

3.5mm (passenger side - kidney grill to shut line)
3.0mm (passenger side - between front fender panel and hood)
3.0mm (passenger side - between front fender panel and A-pillar)
3.2mm (passenger side - between front fender panel and front door)
3.2mm (passenger side - between front and rear doors)
3.2mm (passenger side - between rear door and rear quarter panel)
3.2mm (passenger side - between rear quarter panel and trunk lid)

Body panels gap alignment are consistent through out the car. Very impressed with build quality on G20, solid k-thunk upon closing doors. One of the great improvement among other enhancements is shadow-line trim integration around the top of door window frame. This minimized door creaks that 3er owners have experienced. When driving over bumps, no more music (creaks) to the ears.

Paint Quality:
G20 paint quality has gone up a notch from the already decent paint quality among BMW lineup. The paint finish resulted more of mirror shine with less orange peel effect. It's nice to see BMW up its game further on paint finish.

Windshield and Rear Glass:
G20 used higher quality Saint Gobain Sekurit glass both front and rear in place of Pilkington that is more prone to chip. Rear glass cut also aligned consistently through out C-pillar on both driver and passenger side.

Corner light reflecting to peripheral side while signal light was turned on. This confirmed laser light option with corner light is enabled.

Interior Trim Option:
For people preferred aluminum trim, would recommend Interior trim finishers Aluminum Mesh (4KL). The surface finish had nice texture to the touch. All 4 doors interior panels are covered with various soft touch material. SensaTec dashboard comes with stitching when leather package is ordered. BMW should offer similar soft touch material on two side of center console panel.

Sound System Option: (HK 464 Watts, 9 Channels, 16 Speakers)
1 x Tweeter Instrument Panel
1 x Midrange Instrument Panel
2 x Tweeter Front Door Trim
2 x Midrange Door Central
2 x Bass Speaker
2 x Tweeter Rear Door
2 x Midrange Rear Door
2 x Partial Shelf
2 x Tweeter Partial Shelf

Sound Settings
- Logic 7 Surround
- Surround Distribution (5 levels)
- Treble
- Bass
- Balance (Left / Right)
- Fader (Front / Rear)
- Equalizer (100Hz, 200Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz, 5kHz, 10kHz)

With quieter cabin, HK sound system is sheer joy. G20 does not equipped with CD player in STD trim. Optional CD player is required for those who planned to play CD directly.

Map Version:
111031826.3.02 B19w02.2-1

Installed Software Version:
Need to figure out how to read ISTEP version on iDrive 7, as previous iDrive allowed ISTEP version to be extracted from user profile. If anyone knows the trick, feel free to chime in.

Overall, G20 is a solid upgrade of any previous generation model. For potential buyers, please review vehicle inquiry sheet thoroughly before finalizing the build order.

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