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Εγγραφή: 15-11-2010
Περιοχή: Θεσσαλονίκη
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Drives: E87 116i
1967 BMW 1600: A Bimmer Named Derby

1967 BMW 1600: A Bimmer Named Derby

Besides being one of the most roundly loved BMW platforms, the 02 series is commonly credited with defining the brand as a maker of well-engineered but practical cars that were more engaging to drive than their price points. Across the wide range of 02s, one is easily drawn to the higher performance tii and Turbo models, but the joys of classic BMW motoring are not limited by horsepower. In the case of Lisa, the owner of this gorgeous 1967 BMW 1600-2, the 84hp four-pot is plenty of power for the task.
She loves driving “Derby,” but finds at least as much enjoyment in finding a scenic place to park and relax with a good book and the company of a vehicle that helps balance a busy existence. In other words, driving a slow car fast will always be fun, but there’s a unique pleasure to be had in cutting all the hurry out of your day, if only for a short cruise at a time. To keep up with Lisa and her BMWs, you can follow her on Instagram @motolisa02p.

source: [petrolicious]
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