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This is the 1 of 200 BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition

This is the 1 of 200 BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition

Ilo Ili, a member of M Flight club in Germany, just took delivery of the first model of the BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition. The special M4 model came to fruition last fall after Marco Wittmann has once again secured the DTM driver’s title in the 2016 season finale at the Hockenheimring. To honor this success, BMW M launched the BMW M4 DTM Champion Editio, limited worldwide to 200 units and delivers a power output that has been increased by 51 kW/69 hp to 368 kW/500 hp and a maximum torque of 600 Nm, an increase of 50 Nm.

The BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition completes the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds and has a top speed limited to 305 km/h.

To achieve this remarkable performance, the M4 DTM Champion Edition features the water injection technology from the BMW M4 GTS. Cooling of the combustion chambers made possible by this technology significantly raises the engine’s thermally-related performance limits, as the 16 percent increase in power output vs. the production model proves.

The BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition 2016 is exclusively available in Alpine White. Design and shaping of the additional foiling is reminiscent of the look of DTM racing cars produced by BMW Motorsport.

To emphasize its racing character, BMW M has given the special M4 a series of aero upgrades, these include the front splitter, the aero flicks positioned in front of the front wheel arches, exterior mirror caps, side skirt attachments, a rear diffuser as well as the large rear wing.

Inside the two-seater BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition 2016, both driver and co-driver sit in M Carbon bucket seats covered in exclusive Alcantara/Leather Merino. Furthermore, the entire interior is lined with high-quality covering material Alcantara, also used on the M Sports steering wheel sporting a grey “12 o’clock” marker. Behind the front bucket seats of the BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition, a white rollover bar replaces the rear seat system.

In addition to other components, the bonnet, roof, instrument panel support and rear diffuser are made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP). The end silencer of the double-flow sports exhaust system featuring two pairs of tailpipes is made of exceptionally lightweight titanium.

M carbon-ceramic brakes guarantee fade-free braking and great stopping power. The individually adjustable 3-way coilover suspension is mechanically adjustable both for rebound and damping.

When it went on sale, the BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition was priced at 148,500 Euros, a figure that’s likely to appreciate over the years.

Courtesy of Marco Seitz (M.S Photography), we have a photo gallery showcasing the 1 of 200 model.

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