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Εγγραφή: 15-11-2010
Περιοχή: Θεσσαλονίκη
Ηλικία: 33
Μηνύματα: 3.089

Drives: E87 116i
TPG Tuning Single Turbo BMW M4 Project

Creating this thread to update people on our current project at hand. After building the car last year, we were able to become the not just the First 10 Second 1/4 mile F8X, but also the Quickest.

In a constant search for more power and faster times, we have been working hard at developing a new engine program to strengthen the heart of this car. In doing so we have also begun development on a single turbo kit to accent and truly utilize the new capabilities of this engine. We are far from complete , however with gaining new progress everyday we wanted to create a build thread to track our work. We have already started testing on the new engine setup in our M3 with great initial results. We feel this engine and turbo kit will compliment each other nicely. This year will not only be about 1/4 Mile racing too which we have always been geared towards, but we will also be attending a good bit of half mile events to see the true top end potential of this car.

I will update the thread as new developments come up, any questions on topic feel free to ask.

Current Setup-

TPG Spec Rods
TPG Spec Pistons
TPG Ported Cylinder Head
TPG Crank Hub Kit
TPG Race Exhaust
TPG Single Tubo Kit
TPG Front Mount Intercooler
TPG Parachute Mount
TPG Flash Tune
Dodson Motorsports Sportsman Clutch
Xona Rotor Turbo ( Mock up until size is decided)
Fuel-It Port Injection
Injector Dynamics 1300cc Injectors
MagnaFuel 750 Tuner Series Fuel Pump
Split Second AIC6H

Parts will be added and updated as time moves on. For now here is a few pictures of the current build.

Bmw Pure Driving Pleasure
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