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Video: BMW Teases Us with Preview of BMW X7 on the Assembly Line

Video: BMW Teases Us with Preview of BMW X7 on the Assembly Line

One of the cars some people are patiently waiting for from BMW this year is the brand new X7. The biggest SUV the company ever designed is scheduled for a launch later in 2018 or, as the BMW CEO Harald Kruger calls it: ‘the year of the X’. The new X7 will then fill a niche above the X5, one that is currently dominate by the Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class. Offering more room and more luxury than the X5, the 7-seater is slated to be quite popular for those who love the X5 but need more space for whatever reason.

While we’re waiting for the G07 X7 to be launched, the Germans are teasing us with all sorts of videos and photos of the car, all under wraps. The latest teaser comes in the shape of a video, showing a pre-production prototype on the assembly line in Spartanburg, South Carolina. That’s where the car will be built, despite the recent trade war that was ignited between China and the USA and that’s definitely not great news for BMW as Chinese fans of the brand are expected to make up a large portion of the customers for the X7.

In the footage below we get some very short glimpses at how the design of the production car will shape up. For a couple of milliseconds we can spot the taillights of the car as well as the front kidney grille, front bumper and headlights. The shape of the body can also be distinguished but unfortunately that’s about it for now, as the footage was carefully edited not to disclose too much. In the end we get to see a camouflaged prototype leave the factory, leaving us yearning for more.

The new X7 is bound to share its underpinnings with the new X5 and upcoming X6 but it will be more luxurious than both inside. The cabin will feature the best materials BMW has to offer, on par with the 7 Series and it will be the roomiest car on offer. With a full 7-seat arrangement, it is bound to give the GLS a run for its money but the wait is just killing us right now, especially since everyone’s wondering just how big the kidney grilles will be in real life.

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