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BMW 5 Series Touring debuts with M Performance Parts

2017 Geneva: BMW 5 Series Touring debuts with M Performance Parts

BMW M Performance will also be showing the first tuning parts for the new premium sports wagon from Munich with the world premiere of the G31 BMW 5 Series Touring. As usual, the attachments are based on the M Sport Package and exacerbate the already very dynamic design language. In addition to the optics, however, the technical components – which are not recognizable at first glance – are further refined. The ultimate goal is to give the 2017 BMW 5 Series even more dynamism than already already on board.

For this purpose, BMW M Performance also offers a power kit for the BMW 540i xDrive Touring G31 with the B58 six-cylinder en. The increaginese in performance brings the station wagon to a nominal output of 360 hp and increases the maximum torque to 500 Newton meter. A component of the package, which is officially designated as a Power and Sound Kit, is also a specially tuned silencer system, which should provide a much more present sound.

A sporty exhaust system is offered by BMW M Performance for the 530i and 540i models, but also detached from the power kit. For all drivers of the 520d, 530d and 530d xDrive, the BMW M Performance Exhaust System Diesel was developed, which attracts attention with its special stainless steel sport muffler and trapezoidal tailpipes.

The real eye-catcher at the world premiere in Geneva is, of course, the aerodynamic parts. Attachments for the front apron, a two-part diffuser insert for the rear apron and matte black side skirts, make the new tourer stand out even more. Both the side skirts as well as a part of the rear apron inserts can be painted on request in every color desired by the customer, which creates additional scope for individualization.

Black kidneys and exterior mirror caps made of carbon round off the M Performance look of the body together with the trim strips.

There is also a need for dynamic wheels. The 20-inch aluminum forged wheels utilize a twin-spur design on two levels and are available in Orbit Gray as well as in bicolor look. Behind the 245 and 275 millimeter wide tire-mounted light-alloy wheels, the M Performance sports brake system is available for all engines works. The braking system is equipped with a four-piston fixed brake and a single-piston fender saddle at the rear, for high thermal loads, and should also score with endurance and constant deceleration during demanding use.

The interior of the first G31 Touring with tuning parts is also sporty. The focus is on the BMW M Performance sports steering wheel with steering wheel rim in Alcantara and red 12 o’clock mark. The steering wheel is, of course, combined with shift paddles on all vehicles with an automatic eight-speed automatic transmission, radiating even more motorsport flair.


@sv2gww. Γιάννη ελπίζω να σου κάνει σε άσπρο γιατί μόνο αυτό είχαν στο σαλόνι της Γενέυης
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τέσσερα πράγματα δεν γυρίζουν πίσω:
τα λόγια που λέχθηκαν, ο χρόνος που πέρασε, οι ευκαιρίες που δόθηκαν και οι σφαίρες που άφησαν την κάνη...

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H BMW ετοιμάζει off road έκδοση για τη Σειρά 5
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2017 Geneva Motor Show, BMW 5 Series Touring, M Performance Parts

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