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19-04-16, 23:41   #51
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Εγγραφή: 25-08-2008
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Drives: E92 325i
Και η κριτική ενός πρώην κατόχου F80 M3 & νυν κατόχου GT4 cayman σχετικά με Μ2...

I traded F80 for GT4 and test drove the M2.
Basically got rid of my F80 because the lack of steering feel, numb throttle, but a cool looking huge fast sedan.

I was debating about test driving the M2 because I already have a GT4 but I'm glad I did because these cars are totally different. I ended up test driving a DCT M2.

I want to say I love the M2 and it's now one of my favorite BMW. The car is able to break traction which I didn't expect since it's lower power than the M3. I personally feel the weaker engine makes this car more balanced and it's not a bad thing. What really sold me on this car is that it's fun to drive. The car is agile much like my Lancer Evolution and Fiesta ST. It is able to dance around and much better on center feel and pointy feeling. The ability to dance gives the car a lighter feel than the M3. The M3 feels more stable and boring at the same time. Of course the interior feels downgraded most due to the non clear coated plastic looking carbon fibre trim. In reality I can care less about interior on a fun car. The truth is that this car is more fun to drive than my GT4. The GT4 is too perfect, too balance, no slop, and limits too high and hard to break traction unless you are at the track.

I give the car 5 stars. The good driving feel reminds me of the E46 of the old. This definitely should have been the improved in every way next gen E46 M3. The traditional M3 is back. Now if they make a M2CSL 3200lb version it would be perfect.

Forget to mention some cons but probably overall package is still worth buying.
1. Heavy steering. Wish they program it lighter on center and heavier when you turn to get ride of the electric power steering feel. However I find it much improved over the M3. I don't know if it's the foot print or they reprogramed the steering for better feel. Whatever they did it's better.
2. I can't get it to personalize the steering and the throttle and tranny. Being a turbo car we know what to expect. Basically I don't like the throttle on turbo cars. However, I find AWD cars acceptable since throttle mashing doesn't disrupt the car.


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24-04-16, 17:44   #52
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Εγγραφή: 15-04-2011
Περιοχή: Αθήνα
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Drives: E93 320i
Τη φέρανε στη parklane στο Λονδίνο

Είναι ένα συμπυκνωμένο Μ, σωστό μέγεθος, σωστά φουσκώματα, σωστή δύναμη, ΣΩΣΤΑ ΟΛΑ!

Για εμένα, είναι πιο επιθυμητή από Μ3/Μ4...
courtesy of Frezas

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25-04-16, 08:14   #53
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Εγγραφή: 15-11-2010
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Drives: E87 116i
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