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1972 To 1981 1st Gen. E12 BMW 5 Series History

1972 To 1981 1st Generation E12 BMW 5 Series History

The BMW E12 is an automobile which was produced by BMW from 1972 to 1981. It was the first generation of the BMW 5 Series mid-size sedans. The E12 was released as the 520 and 520i 4-cylinder models, to replace the New Class sedans. A year later, the 525 with a straight-six engine was released and this was followed by 528, 530, 533 and 535 models.

The E12 M535i is considered to be the predecessor to the BMW M5.

The E12 was replaced by the E28 in 1981, although E12 production continued until 1984 in South Africa.

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I prefer E21 but as a shark noise lover E12 it's a nice car and technological pioneer for his age
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